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How can I  buy Phenix?


The Phenix token can be purchased through Metamask or Trust wallet by connecting to Pancake Swap Dex. You will first have to have or purchase Binance Smart Chain Token. The BSC token can be purchased on Binance,  Trust wallet or through an Exodus wallet with a credit card. Once you have BSC token you can send it to your Metamask or Trust wallet. From here you will open Pancake Swap DEX and sync your wallet. Once synced you go to the exchange section of Pancake Swap DEX. Select BSC token in the top section and Phenix in the receive section. Enter how much BSC Token you wish to exchange for Phenix token. Now you will want to set the slippage to 12or 13% this covers the 10% Phenix network transaction fee.


If the Phenix token does not auto populate in your wallet you just need to add custom token


Add PHENIX to your wallet and create a custom token:


Contract: 0xc81d5e0ba9fD68911967313B1e00240bb6B7315b


Decimal: 9


Symbol: PHENIX





How to buy Phenix step by step video:


Trust Wallet:


Metamask Waallet


Pancake Swap DEX



What is the Phenix contract address?


Phenix Contract: 0xc81d5e0ba9fD68911967313B1e00240bb6B7315b


What is the Vision of the Phenix Protocol?


The Vision of PHENIX is to be the most utilized and adopted liquidity backed Burn reward Protocol. PHENIX has a 3% Ember reward function on all transactions. It also has a randomized burn reward that increases Embers to all holders during the randomized burn wallet freeze.

Another unique feature of PHENIX is that it liquidates 1% of each transaction for $USDC that is locked in a multisig wallet. This is done so that PHENIX can acrue additional value that is not subject to speculation.   


A burn function increases value on any network. But if that wallet is randomly turned off, then all of its usual share is redistributed to the holders. Thus increasing network incentives for the  community. Which in return encourages locking up supply to receive the rewards, leading to more network value.


What is the general utility concept  and purpose? 


The utility and concept of Phenix is to be the worlds greatest, most fun, sustainable and liquid backed global transaction network and community with the best consistent network rewards in crypto. 


What are the key features?


The key features/ functions of the Phenix protocol are with in the smart contract transaction fee that is processed on every transaction with in the network. 


Every PHENIX transaction has the following functions:

3% fuels the fire for the Burn and Ember Reward mechanism that benefits all $PHENIX holders

1% is sent automatically to the BNB / PHENIX liquidity pool on Pancake Swap in equal parts

1% Is liquidated into $USDC and is locked in a multi-sig address. This creates backing and allows $PHENIX to grow in value over time that can be verified on the blockchain

The Burn Reward is the main bonus feature. During times of promotion and randomness the PHENIX team will blacklist the burn wallet from receiving embers. This results in a large bonus of what would have been burned embers that are now going to $PHENIX holders instead of the burn wallet.

After a period of time the burn wallet will be reactivated, reducing inflation by removing tokens from the circulating supply.


What is a burn mechanism protocol? How does a burn wallet address work? 


A burn function on a protocol acts as a deflationary mechanism that reduces the circulating supply of a coin/token. While some networks have burn addresses that tokens can be sent to and can also at later dates extract tokens from the burn address.

PHENIX and other permanent burn address protocols have no private keys which means the tokens in the burn wallet cannot be accessed or spent and are gone forever. Thus whatever coins are sent to the burn wallet decreases the total circulating supply permanently. This is what creates the deflationary aspect of a burn process. When there is less circulating supply it usually creates more value in a network. Supply and Demand


What kind of token is Phenix protocol and what chain is it on?


Phenix is a smart contract defi token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It is also called a BEP 20 token.


What are the Phenix tokenomics?


Every PHENIX transaction has the following functions:

3% fuels the fire for the Burn and Ember Reward mechanism that benefits all $PHENIX holders

1% is sent automatically to the BNB / PHENIX liquidity pool on Pancake Swap in equal parts

1% Is liquidated into $USDC and is locked in a multi-sig address. This creates backing and allows $PHENIX to grow in value over time that can be verified on the blockchain

Why was Phenix fair launched and what does that mean?


The development team of PHENIX are avid crypto enthusiasts. We understand the risks and have witnessed 1st hand many scams in the crypto space. This is why we have committed to fair launching through the most trusted 3rd party DXSALE. The fair launch allows the entire community to participate in the presale and launch to the DEX. All BNB raised is sent to Pancake swap Liquidity Pool and locked for 4 years. 


Fair launched means that the most fair and publicly accessible launch of the protocol and token is initiated through a decentralized third party service (DXSALE). A trustless process to ensure all people are given the same chance and opportunity as even the developing team to acquire tokens and become a part of the community.


Why would I buy Phenix and join the community?


Phenix is an incredible protocol with a great community and is the highest network reward token in crypto. The GOAL of PHENIX is to bring greater global exposure and adoption of new users and increased volume to the PHENIX protocol.


The possibilities are endless, with future plans for PHENIX to become a global transaction network


What are Phenix protocol details and metrics?





Max Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000

Total Supply 762446173081538  as of 7.28.21

Circ Supply

Presale Supply 530,000,000,000,000

Pancake liquidity locked via dxsale (October 1st, 2025) 153,200,000,000,000

Burned 233,000,000,000,000 at launch


Soft cap 5 BNB

Hard cap 10 BNB

Presale price: 53 trillion to 1 BNB

Launch Price: 11 trillion to 1 BNB 


How can I get involved in the Phenix community and movement?


Are you interested in getting involved in the Phenix community and helping with the growth and success of the project. We are looking to build an Ape movement of loyal Phenix army community members to ensure Phenix is the most recognized and active Burn Reward token. We are currently looking for and working with people on all levels of public relations involvement from word of mouth tweets and shout outs to ambassadors and influencers.


Please reach out to us via or Dm through Twitter @phenixprotocol, or telegram


Does the Phenix team plan to have the project audited?


As soon as the Phenix project is established and listed to Coinmarketcap the team plans to work with a few auditors  and provide an audit report for the community and holders.  Tech Rate and Certik will be the first.


What is a Liquidity Pool and how does it work?


A liquidity pool is a collection of funds locked in a smart contract. Liquidity pools are used to facilitate decentralized trading, lending, and many more functions we’ll explore later.Liquidity pools are the backbone of many decentralized exchanges (DEX), such as Uniswap. Users called liquidity providers (LP) add an equal value of two tokens in a pool to create a market. In exchange for providing their funds, they earn trading fees from the trades that happen in their pool, proportional to their share of the total liquidity.As anyone can be a liquidity provider, AMMs have made market making more accessible.One of the first protocols to use liquidity pools was Bancor, but the concept gained more attention with the popularization of Uniswap. Some other popular exchanges that use liquidity pools on Ethereum are SushiSwap, Curve, and Balancer. Liquidity pools in these venues contain ERC-20 tokens. Similar equivalents on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, and BurgerSwap, where the pools contain BEP-20 tokens.

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What is an Ember and how does it work?


An Ember is an automated mechanism within the protocol which taxes 3% of all transactions and automatically redistributes the taxed tokens to PHENIX holders. The more PHENIX tokens you have, and the longer you hold, the more you earn.


What is the Phenix Roadmap?


PHENIX will launch on to Pancake Swap and list on Coinmarket Cap, Nomics, and Coingecko


PHENIX will then pursue listing on as many exchanges as possible. 

The goal and roadmap is simple; Increase accessibility,  and adoption, grow the community and network of Phenix.

Because this is a fair launched community driven token the team will only focus on listings as a priority and completely allow the community to have full responsibility for the growth and adoption. 

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